an adventurous afternoon

"an adventurous afternoon" by Kiin. and THE GIANT FOX & WILLIAM HONDA GROUP is finally finished! A preview version of this new and hot short animation was screened @ Rundgang 2013 @ Kunsthochschule Kassel and exhibited @EX AMEN during july. now we're waiting for the festival-journey to start! we'll keep you updated on this tumblr


kuš! exhibition in Graz!

kuš!  is presenting "the last match" exhibition in Graz from the 22nd of june - 20th of july. our animation short "The Last Match" is screened in a volcano!! thanks to david and the rest of kuš! more photos on fb.


kiin.zine #11 "TO GO"

get your copy of kiin.zine #11 "TO GO". the very first photokiin.zine, risoprinted, 36 pages A5, 150 copies, comes with crazy photostickers to personlize your zine. published by ROTOPOLPRESS.get it HERE!



kiin. #10

"WHATCHULOOKINAT?" kiin. #10 is all about a great woman with a sad ending: whitney houston!
it will be released this weekend @ the comicfestival hamburg. published by ROTOPOLPRESS. edition of 100 copies. special guest artist: juan echeverri.


*new silkscreen backpacks!*

the "whatchulookinat?" collection comes with kiin.zine #10, a very special issue dedicated to Whitney Houston. Out soon!


The Last Match

Sexy and dusty. A western story about the last match.
01:19 min, 2012
Kirsten Carina Geisser, Ines Christine Geisser
William Honda
This short erotic westernstory was made for "The Last Match" Exhibition@BILBOLBUL, Bologna
check out kuš! komikss!


FrankenFichtenMix 2011

kiin says thank you! thanks to our publisher ROTOPOL Press, to our personal Copyshop "gestochen scharf" and to our friends and fans!



golden silkscreen totes! you can use them as a normal tote, or transform them to a backpack! isn't that great!
get one at ROTOPOL, Kassel.